Saturday, March 3, 2012

Flowers and Huts for Fran!

One of many huts along the Te Araroa Trail
Bunches of flowers growing out of rock.

These little flowers are sparse, but sure make a nice bouquet for the huts!

White mountain daisy perhaps?

The little red berries and white star flowers are very small (see next picture for scale)

My finger next to a precious little flower on the Te Araroa Trail.

Delicate plants in a hostile environment above tree line along the Richmond Alpine Track
Delicate little flower growing in a very hostile environment near Mt. Rintoul along the Te Araroa Trail, 2012

Hut with porch and water tank, typ.

First I was lost, then I was found. DoC and the orange pole saved me!

The perfect trail, Te Araroa, winding through the forest with LYF's (little yellow flowers)


Brain Lichen on the rocks!

In the subtle subdued hues of the forest trees, moss and likens are these little yellow flowers.

Porters hut #599 along the Richmond Alpine Track, Te Araroa huts

Those hills in the background I hiked over

One of the funky huts with an even funkier chimney along the Te Araroa Trail.

Harpers Pass Biv, a little shack in a perfect setting, Te Araroa hut, thanks DoC.

A dumpy DoC hut but a shelter none the less.

An "A" Frame hut named Lagoon Saddle, NZ

A DoC hut named "Lagoon Saddle" as viewed through the trees.

Ludo, Flore and Kenyon Metford, thru hikers on the Te Araroa trail, 2012

A hut worked on by the environment more than skilled craftspersons, but a great shelter along the Te Araroa Trail, none the less.

One of the best huts ever, Hamilton Hut, built indeed by skilled craftspeople. Thanks DoC.

Another "A" frame hut appropriately named "A frame hut"

There is a hut named Double hut, but his isn't it--go figure.

Classic little hut/shelter supplied by DoC along the Te Araroa trail.

Comyns hut, New Zealand Department of Conservation for use by hikers along the Te Araroa Trail.

This is 'Double Hut', probably named so because of the addition but still is basically one hut.

Double Hut from the other side showing the addition made more obvious by the change in direction of the tin corrugated siding.

The most perfect tree I've ever seen, all by itself along the Te Araroa Trail, just for Fran, dbBrad's mom!

One of the simpler DoC huts, but still a shelter.

Crooked Spear Hut in an awsome setting along the Te Araroa Trail, NZ

DoC Hut, cute as...

Ludo and Flore. All cute, even after a long day.

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