Monday, October 3, 2011

dbDog hikes the PCT

I just returned from my hike along the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail, 2011). I was on the trail for 34 days and I hiked a total of 285 miles across Washington. I started out with my dog Benton.

dbMountain Dog.
Benton is only 10 months old however and as it turned out, he just couldn't handle it.

Benton with his pack sponsored by Wander on Whidbey.

He was strong enough physically and he has great instincts in the wilderness and on the trail, but he just wasn't getting enough sleep.

dbDog and lorax flowers

I have read that puppies and even grown dogs require up to 17 hours per day which clearly can't be had and hike for 8 hours a day too.

dbDog taking a look around after having a cold drink
And then there's the issue of how well is he sleeping in a foreign strange environment with big animals lurking about and going crunch nearby in the night.

It didn't mater where we were going, Benton always knew the way!
Clearly he displayed the tendency of being protector and looker-outer and when I had a guest join me, it added a new job, keeper-together.


But after two weeks of it, he was getting pretty tired as observed by some difficult behavior and displaying a slight limp so I sent him home and finished my hiking alone.

Benton thought my sleeping bag was the Cat's Meow and he's right!!
Now what he wants is a lightweight tent called the DogsRoof!!

I can tell you that first night without him was a little lonely. I missed the heat and the nose for predators.

He's Benton, the cutest Australian Shepherd in the world and I call him dbDog!

Like most Australian Shepherds, Benton goes crazy on the snow and ice.

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