Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sisters, Part three, class 5 rock and some grade A photos

Joe caught between different phases of water, ice and vapor
dbBrad grabbing some hang time on Sisters Glacier!

Wonderfully rich vegetation which can only be found near intact old growth forests.

One of about 10 different flowers blooming in the  magnificent old growth forests between the Nooksack and the Twin Sisters, Washington.

dbBrad self portrait

'I love my Panasonic lumix'--dbBrad

The Panasonic Lumix macro is awesome--dbBrad

Jeff and Joe hanging out at base sisters rocky summit

Have I mentions how I love my Panasonic Lumix?

dbBrad looking South West off summit of South  Sister.

Baker just visible over the clouds.

Panasonic Lumix Solar charger--what a great dbBrad idea!

Company from the Western Route on South Sister.

Nature rules!

And of coarse, dbBenton, the worlds cutest Australian Shepherd dog ever!

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