Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New dbBrad mascott

Born October 25th, picked up just last week and cuter than any button I've ever seen.

New Puppy proud to be part of good architecture and landscaping!

Aussie Puppy in motion
Perfect portrait of Australian Shepherd puppy
Aussie puppy off chain!
Australian Shepherd Puppy at 6 weeks looks like a cartoon figure!

And the name, after much deliberation, comes from the town where he was born, Benton

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  1. wow. what a cutie pie. we are thinking come summer we may get our current dog, Chloe a play pal?? Kinda nice though to just have one running around and shedding hair in the house. Well, looks like you have gotten yourself a great companion for work projects and such. Definitely bring her by next you come to Bellingham. peace, kp