Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Garden Happening

Once the cardboard is in place the areas get chipped or graveled depending on the use. The patios and pathways are graveled and the beds are chipped. Part of the work Brad Hankins (dbbrad) brings to his jobs is when the machine is on site for one task, do as many as possible at the same time. In the spirit of that philosophy, landscaping frequently becomes part of building or remodeling. It also means the site is thought about in terms of drainage, gardens, and the protection of the land during construction (such as the crew parking only on the gravel drives or designated areas, cleaning up the site at the end of the day, not burning waste, recycling the crew's waste as well as the construction waste, and so forth.)

Street side garden with the flags marking the pathways.
Small patio/landing off the street side steps with the chipped beds. At a later time gravel pathways will connect to the patio/landing.

A larger sitting area near the new front entry. Gravel is the surface for now but at a later time large flat stones will make up the patio surface.

The shaping, mulching and graveling of the first beds and outdoor living spaces are roughed in only. The fine tuning happens after the machines leave and the dust settles.

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